Adapt is a small team of talented developers. Directed by Joseph Hilton, we work independently and collaborate on projects of interest. From basic websites to advanced real-time scheduling systems, API integration across all platforms and venturing into app development. We specialize in producing high-quality software interfaces for HTML5 apps, responsive websites, and desktop applications. We use adaptive front-end languages (HTML, CSS, SASS, JQUERY, Javascript, Angular, React, Blaze) and modern back-end technologies (NODE, Express, MONGODB, MYSQL, PHP, LINUX, PostgreSQL, Ruby). Working mainly with startups and individuals we understand how big dreams are and how small budgets can be.

Take The Lead

From busy local companies to international startups, I pay attention to the business needs of my clients. My primary goal is to emphasize attention to detail, making certain I ship code that we not only love, but your users love too. To achieve that, I execute detailed planning for usability, ease of interaction, and provide for the best overall user experience.

- Joseph Hilton / Lead Developer



Web Design & Development

Adapt provides comprehensive web and mobile development for all platforms, which makes data organically available from all devices. We specialize in producing high-quality software interfaces for HTML5 apps, responsive websites, and desktop applications.

Media Development

Content matters. professional media is often overlooked but serves a hugh role in how new and existing companies are perceived. From high quality image manipulation to video editing and effects we can help.

Project Consultation

The adapt consulting team puts an exceptional focus on customer success. consulting services views customers as partners and takes significant pride in consistently beating the highest expectations. Our consultants are passionate advocates for customers, enabling the rapid deployment of mission-critical applications.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile developers change the way that people learn by leveraging the power and convenience of mobile devices. We build a beautiful, high-performance mobile apps with a delightful user experience. We collaborate with designers and developers to make our apps fly.

Game Development

The fun part. Pairing smart code with amazing graphics is slowly changing the world around us. With new tools emerging everyday the future may well take place on the holodeck. let us develop your next game idea.

Music Development

Music is awesome. Ask anyone. Although music production has come a long way in the last 20 years it still requires a high level of expertise. We can help. From music production to audio compression we have you covered.


Verified Client Reviews

- Stephen Kristof
"Joe is the best out there. He does clean, functional work that is on time and exceeds expectations. He does an excellent job of adapting to requests and creates a very functional end product. He is courteous and non-argumentative. Throughout the process he did a great job of thinking ahead and anticipating requests. There is little more I could have asked of Joe, and everything hit exactly on the mark. If you are reading this and deciding between hiring Joe and any of the countless other people who have undoubtedly contacted you here on Upwork, know that you can be confident in Joe as a professional, prompt and "local" person capable (in my mind) of just about anything. In the future, I would not think twice before hiring Joe again for any project. Long story short: If you aren't hiring him for your project, you do not value your project enough to do it the service that it deserves."

- T-Shirt Cafe
"Hi, everything worked very well. The code meshed into my existing code with no problem. Very impressed how you were able to generate in hours what I've been trying for weeks with very little progress. Exceeded my expectation with minimum guidance. I will be in touch soon with 2 other projects. Thank you."

- RallyAroundUs
"Very impressed by Joseph. Highly skilled but also impressive with his communication skills. My task was a tedious one and Joseph was positive the whole time. He went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again."


- Jason Farrell
"Joseph did a fantastic job. Great attention to detail (especially with cross-browser support), easy to work with, and finished the job earlier than expected."

- Daryl Slattery
"I had an issue with the my landing page on my website. The person who originally created my landing page could not figure out how to fix the issue. I hired Joseph who was confident he could and he was able to find a solution and fix it. So far it all seems to be working well. Thanks!"

- Mike West
"I would not hesitate to hire Joseph again. He met and exceeded the deadlines I set for the work and communicated effectively throughout the whole process. I was very pleased with his work."


- Anthony Evans
"Hi, everything worked very well. The code meshed into my existing code with no problem. Very impressed how you were able to generate in hours what I've been trying for weeks with very little progress. Exceeded my expectation with minimum guidance. I will be in touch soon with 2 other projects. Thank you."

- Brett Thompson
"Great to work with. Understands what needs to be done and makes it happen. 2nd time I have hired Joseph. Will hire again soon. Great communication skills and adherence to schedule."

- Nicholas Baudoin
"Joseph is a pleasure to work with. He is very quick to respond and implement changes that might not have been foreseen in the initial description. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with any sort of web related project."


- Jacob Barnett
"You never know what you are going to get when it comes to freelancers, but Joseph is a quality developer. Easy to communicate a product vision with. I recommend him and will hire him again in the near future."

- Lawrence Katzman
"Joseph did a great job... it was a relatively simple project and he aced it."

- Bob Cook
"Joseph was phenomenal! I was under a quick deadline and Joseph did not disappoint. I was amazed at how quickly Joseph not only met my needs, but added additional items to provide a quality user experience. He definitely works to understand the whole picture to ensure he is delivering a top quality solution. I definitely plan on leveraging him again for future project."


- Brett Thompson
"Highly recommend Joseph! He knows his stuff and is very skilled so you don't feel like your paying someone to learn. Meaning he is super efficient with him time. Great communication skills. Will hire again."

- Jim Smith
"Excellent communication. Prompt and detailed. I'm a fan for life!"

- Dan Garvey
"Working with Joseph was a simple and pleasant experience; he handled all my issues, was quick to respond to my questions, and created a product I'm happy with. I would definitely hire him again, and would recommend him to others."



ADAPTive Process

We are strategic about planning your solution and passionate about bringing it to life. Our technology expertise ranges from enterprise-wide, mission-critical systems designed to carrying out routine performance optimization tasks. We have more than 9 years of experience in delivering QA and testing services for desktop, web and mobile applications to over 100 businesses worldwide.

Concept & Design

To start we concept and design every aspect of our project. Including the latest technology, user application, and scalability requirements.

Techical Specs

This includes calculating the proper hardware requirements and installing the proper software on the chosen operating system.

Code Integration

Working with code. Lots and lots of code. Here we bring everything together to form a functional user friendly application.

Programming Requirements
Version Control Method
Visual Design
Server Configuration
Database Design
Secure Sockets Layer
Backend Development
Frontend Development
Browser Testing & Debugging

Working with ISRG Security

Encrypting everything, always, no excuses. It's time for the Web to take a big step forward in terms of security and privacy. We want to see HTTPS become the default. ADAPT is making it as easy as possible to get and manage SSL certificates with help from ISRG. Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) is a California public benefit corporation, and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. ISRG's mission is to reduce financial, technological, and education barriers to secure communication over the Internet.









Product launch is rarely the end of the journey; rather, it is a new beginning. Whether you require support and maintenance to keep the product up to date or an entirely new concept, We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you need.


Call: 303.994.6275

Email: joseph@adapt.work


Kansas City, Missouri